Why to choose a ceramic bottle over the glass one?

Why to choose a ceramic bottle over the glass one?

The competition between glass and ceramics has existed for many decades, but with the development of the ceramic industry has become even more pronounced. We can say that comparing these two materials is stupid, because everyone has their own purpose. However, when it comes to the selection of practical souvenirs, the ceramic bottle has no equal. why did it deserve the attention of buyers? And what cases is the choice obvious? The company “Elegia Grand” will gladly share with you interesting facts and tell you what kind of souvenir bottles (ceramics) you should pay attention to.

Benefits of the ceramic bottle

Many properties make a ceramic bottle a leader in the championship race. Among them:

  • The ability to maintain the quality characteristics of the content for a long time. Full opacity and the special composition of baked natural clay allows you to protect the drink inside the bottle from changes.
  • Heat resistance. Such a bottle can be safely stored in the refrigerator and even used in the oven. During processing, the clay undergoes high-temperature kiln firing, which gives it strength.
  • Versatility. Do not be afraid to experiment and store inside kvass, milk, whiskey, oil, beer, wine. Drinks will retain their peculiarity.
  • Environmentally friendly. Unlike glass, which often includes harmful impurities, ceramic souvenir bottle does not contain toxic substances. We strictly monitor compliance with quality standards and offer the buyer only proven products.
  • Durability. Archaeological excavations confirm that ceramics is an extremely durable material that retains its shape, hardness for centuries.
  • Decorative. The elegance of ceramic tableware is hard to compare with a glass counterpart. After all, you want to give such a thing for weddings, anniversaries, childbirth - in a word, for the most important holidays in a person's life. It's not a shame to present our products even to the presidents. Hand-painted, they preserve authenticity, emit a special energy, give warmth to the owner, as they are made with love.

As you can see, the advantages of a ceramic souvenir bottle make it the most welcome guest on the holiday table. The sophistication and presentability of your feast are guaranteed if you decide to buy bottles in “Elegia Grand”. Call these phones to place an order to work today. We are sure you will like our masterpieces!