Ceramic bottle filled with alcohol is the best present!

Ceramic bottle filled with alcohol is the best present!

When you know a person by heart, you are friends or you live with him for many years, it is hard to come up with a really worthy gift for a birthday or other holiday. It seems that the original options are gone. The people who need to congratulate a complete stranger also fall into the same dead end. Not knowing the hobbies of the birthday person, we often give all sorts of unnecessary things.

Have you ever been in such a situation? We have a great solution! The original bottle of alcohol as a gift will be remembered for a long time and will never gather dust on the far shelf. Such a gift can be presented to a woman, a man, a doctor, and a DJ. Already fired up? Hurry up! Open the online catalog and select the most appropriate product design. Did you not see something that caught your attention? Try to create an individual bottle design and discuss your idea with our specialist. Perhaps together you will realize a completely new idea!

Ceramic bottles from Elegia Grand: why are hundreds of our customers choosing them?

Being in the market of ceramic crockery, souvenirs and figurines already for 19 years we have a wide audience of regular customer. If you are going to buy a bottle of alcohol for a gift for the first time, we will be glad to introduce you to the main principles of the production process, product features and the benefits of cooperation with Elegia Grand:

  1. Despite large volumes of orders, our masters always work manually. Every detail, touch, bend is the result of their professionalism and true love for what they do. We are sure you will notice a special energy and heat emanating from the bottle as soon as you take it in hand.
  2. Our company manufactures ceramic bottles to order, which implies an individual discussion of size, shape, volume, decor. Wholesale or retail, small or large circulation - you choose.
  3. Among the advantages of the products of the brand “Elegia Grand”, it is important to note not only exclusivity, but also strength, durability, environmental safety, preservation of the drink from outside influences.

You can order souvenir bottles today. Just call the manager of the online store and discuss the details of the transaction.