Order a Creation of the new models of bottles in Ukraine

Creation of the new models of bottles

Elegia Grand offers to implement your ideas, to develop and create your own design of the bottle. Our professional designers will help you. All the work on the creation of a new bottle design can be divided into several stages:

  1. Development of the project, coordination of the important details with the customer.
  2. Preparation of several variants of sketches of the bottle’s new model and choice of the best option.
  3. Enhancement or refinement of an existing model of the bottle according to the wishes of the client.
  4. Production of the prototype of the bottle from clay, plaster or other material.
  5. If necessary, adjustments to the prototype and the final approval of the model.
  6. Creation of the casting mold - plaster cast - for further replication of the product.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the steps of bottle creation. First of all, taking into account client’s wishes we draw several options for the future bottle basing on the existing products sketches. There can be just a couple of options, or maybe a few dozen. Choosing the most appropriate sketch of the bottle, a designer creates a new model using the material, usually clay or plasticine.

During the creation of the prototype we can immediately notice some inaccuracies or deficiencies (for example, its instability). This allows to make the necessary modifications to the bottle’s model at the design stage. If the prototype is no longer requires any modification and improvement and fully agreed with the customer, it is considered to be ready and goes to the next stage of production - phase of the casting mould.

Using the product’s model casting master will produce the casting form made from durable plaster, i. e. plaster cast, which replicates the contours of the product. The cast shape is composed of several parts, usually two, but if an item is large or complex, then amount of parts may be higher.

A sketch of plaster cast is left to dry over the night in a warm room, and then carefully removed. The process of extracting the casting mold requires special accuracy from the casting master and takes about 15 minutes. Extracted form must dry and harden for another two days before it gets into the production workshop for the ebb-tide of ceramic products. Such a plaster mold is enough for 200 casting products.

The advantages of collaboration with Elegia Grand:

  • our responsibility for the development and operation of each project;
  • extensive technical capabilities in project implementation;
  • modern equipment and highly qualified personnel - masters for modeling, prototyping and casting;
  • extensive experience (over 15 years);
  • Customer consultation on any issue at any stage of the project.