Order a Decoration of the ceramics in Ukraine

Decoration of the ceramics

ElegiaGrand offers its services in decorating pottery. Our company employs highly qualified specialists in painting, the best artists in ceramics. All the processes of painting and decoration the ceramic products are made manually.

All kinds of the ceramic’s decoration can be divided into sculptural and color coating. The sculptural coating or as it is called “relief” is finger ornament, scratching, drawing the sculpted detail, the use of different textures. The color coating consist of drawing using underglaze paints, salts, engobes, gold, silver, glaze, overglaze paints, craquelure.

What kinds of decorating pottery we offer:

  • Painting the product, covering with ceramic paints. At our manufacture we use high-quality Germany underglaze paints. Coloration can be complete, partial, with a smooth color junction, with unpainted areas.
  • Decoration with a gold, silver, platinum colors. Artists apply these paints manually.
  • Pictorial art. Application of the picturesque figures, traces, brushstrokes.
  • Stencil. Coating the surface of an item via the stencil pattern and spray.Painting becomes monochrome, its edge are clear.
  • Stamp. A monochromatic drawing or pattern can be coated with a stamp.We can apply the drawing as by paint, gold or silver.
  • Decaling. Decals are made in two ways: screen printing and laser printing. Decaling is a very simple method of decoration, for this you just need to moisten a decal with a water, gently separate it from the backing paper and stick it to the desired location on the product. After high temperature impact, decal cannot be separated from the surface of the product, and will create a complete picture of the product design. ElegiaGrand has its own decal’s workshop with talented professionals, who can apply, various text, images and logos to ceramic products.
  • Decorating with a luster. Lusteris applied to the ceramic surface and after the burning they acquire the metal properties. The surface of such a product shimmers in the sun and creates a twisted light.
  • Decorating with a small parts scrupled together.

ElegiaGrand will help you to fulfill all your ideas, suggestions and wishes. Together we will develop a unique model of the bottle, produce the required amount, and pick the best option of decorating. Our experts and ceramic artists will give you advice and will develop an exclusive design for painting and decorating your bottles or other ceramic products. The design of all the products presented on our website agreed with the customer individually, and can be fulfilled exactly as in the picture, or in accordance with the wishes of any other colors.

In order to become a really expensive and exclusive gift, we can put on a bottle’s surface text, wishes, congratulations, different drawings and even a company logo. Please contact us and we will help you!

Products are decorated with ceramic colors, luster, gold and silver. Decorating is made only by highly qualified artists by spraying the pigments, dipping, and manual painting of the small details. Our company has decal’s workshop. When decorating products, you can create many variations with different decor and color scheme.