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Buy ceramic Bottle for vodka Wolf photo 1
  • Бутылка для водки Волчонок фото 1

Bottle for vodka Wolf

  • Volume: 250 ml
  • Dimensions: 9.5*20.5 cm.
  • Capping: synthetic T-cork


The ceramic bottle for alcohol drinks “Wolf cub” is a beautiful present for a man or woman. This product is usually bought not only as a souvenir, but also to decorate the interior, to add to the festive table, or even to decorate a bar or an entertainment facility. The bottle is not just a souvenir, but a useful item.

The product is profitable in bulk. The “Wolf cub” bottle looks beautiful. It is made of the quality material, the color gamut is universal - the green, white and colors and their shades. The baby wolf itself