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Buy ceramic Bottle for vodka
Buy ceramic Bottle for vodka
  • Бутылка для водки
  • Bottle for vodka

Bottle for vodka "Golden Toilet"

  • Volume: 500 ml
  • Dimensions: 13*9*16 cm
  • Product weight: 0.5 kg


Damask for alcoholic beverages “Golden toilet” is a very interesting and unusual thing, which will be certainly noticed. The golden toilet along with the golden loaf in the light of the political events of the last decade has literally become a symbol of corruption in our life and in a chic life of officials. Therefore, a souvenir in the form of a golden toilet bowl is a symbol of the fact that we still have a positive attitude to life and are able to laugh at personal problems. It is safe to say that such a damask will definitely cause surprise and a smile for your guests or those to whom you decide to present it as a gift.