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Buy ceramic Bottle for vodka Car 3  photo 1
  • Бутылка для водки Машина 3 фото 1

Bottle for vodka Car 3

  • Volume: 250 ml
  • Dimensions: 16*7*6,5 cm.
  • Product weight: 0.23 kg
  • Capping: synthetic T-cork


The ceramic bottle for spirits Car 3 (Porsсhe) is an unusual souvenir in a unique form you should buy on a favorable price. Such a present as a bottle of alcohol will suit modern men and women. Beautiful white Porsche will become a great decoration of a showcase or a festive table.

The product is made of quality material in white color. It has plenty of details and reminds the luxurious original. The Porsche shaped bottle will fit practically any interior because it is creative, enough neat and has a practical meaning. That is why this bottle is a useful purchase for an affordable price.