Ukrainian theme

Vodka bottles "Ukrainian theme"

Ceramic bottles are a unique invention that has come to us since ancient times. Compared with the glass products to which everyone is so accustomed, they differ in a whole list of advantages. That is why, when it comes to a functional and at the same time beautiful gift, many stop with a bottle of ceramics.

An exclusive bottle for vodka (Ukrainian theme) is the perfect gift if you want to congratulate a person with something unusual. The company “Elegia Grand” offers different versions of its execution, from which you will definitely choose the best one for yourself. If there is no such one, create your own sketch yourself or with the help of our specialist. We are happy to embody it in a ceramic form, and you will receive a truly unique copy of the souvenir.

Bottle in the Ukrainian theme: the advantages of ceramic models

All souvenir bottles for vodka (Ukrainian theme) have advantages, which cannot be kept silent about:

  • Excellent preservation of the drink. Strong drinks poured into ceramic containers perfectly retain their quality characteristics. Regardless of the environment, they maintain a stable temperature as long as possible. Plastic and glass let the sun's rays pass, so that affects the taste of the contents. Ceramics are lightproof, so buy a ceramic bottle for vodka "Trident" or the other will be wise.
  • Durability. The life of such a bottle is calculated for decades. With careful use, you can pass on a souvenir to your children and grandchildren.
  • Decorative. One has only to look at this creation in order to understand why pottery is so highly valued among fans of the original art decor. Ukrainian versions, for example, the bottle for vodka “Mace” or “Hetman” are performed in the style typical for Ukrainian art. Bright colors with a predominance of red and blue colors, greatness, traditional symbols - all that is present on the production of “Elegia Grand”.

We sell bottles not only in retail, but also in bulk. We cooperate with distributors and individual retail outlets, so we will quickly execute orders in any run, so that as many people as possible can appreciate stylish and high-quality ceramic bottles for vodka of Ukrainian themes.