Wine bottles

Wine bottles

The company "Elegia Grand" offers all lovers of the original packaging exclusive wine bottles that will serve as the best decoration of the festive table or interior. It is possible to buy bottles for wine in Ukraine profitably! It takes only to contact one of our online store specialist, and he will tell you how the price is formed, on what the cost of a particular product depends.

Interested in a handmade wine bottle? You have a good taste! We suggest not to waste time and review the range. And we will be glad to help you.

Ceramic wine bottles - nobility and luxury at an affordable price

Before you buy a bottle for wine with a cork, you can learn more about its material, method of manufacture and benefits.

Usually alcoholic beverages are stored in ceramic bottles made of natural clay. However, the wine looks no less noble in it. Thanks to competent processing, clay demonstrates the most desirable qualities in this industry of application:

  • environmental friendliness and food safety;
  • mechanical and thermal strength;
  • high aesthetics and decorative (ceramic wine bottles are made by hand);
  • excellent functionality;
  • practical care and storage.

For over 15 years we have been creating semi-porcelain and ceramic bottles, so we know exactly what the customer needs. If you want to embody your own design in clay, consult with our designer, and get a truly unique thing that you want to pass on from generation to generation.

Forms of performance ceramic wine bottle can be very different:

• The Eiffel Tower;
• Greek amphora;
• traditional cylindrical;
• Georgian, etc.

The catalog presents only the most popular options, so do not hesitate to offer something new, bright and exclusive. Continuous improvement, the search for popular solutions, the development of skills - this is about our team, so we will gladly accept your ideas as the basis for your own order.

To buy souvenir bottles for wine, just call the numbers listed on the site, and discuss all the detail with the manager. We are sure that the first order will be the beginning of our mutually beneficial cooperation!