Online store of ceramic bottles Elegia Grand

Elegia-Grand Company

Since 2000 Elegia Grand successfully works in the market of ceramic products, including bottles and souvenirs. We have accumulated vast experience in creating models of bottles, manufacturing the ceramic products and decals, creating a unique design and decoration of ceramic products.

We offer:

  • design of the custom-made bottles;
  • manufacture of ceramic bottles and products individually and large-scale editions;
  • glazing the ceramic products;
  • decoration of ceramic bottles.
  • hand-made painting of each product (unique design);
  • manufacture of ceramic decals;
  • manufacture of ceramic souvenirs.

We do:

  • Bottles for wine;
  • Bottles for vodka;
  • Bottles for cognac and brandy;
  • Barrels for wine;
  • Bottle caps;
  • Packaging for bottles;
  • Ceramic products for the kitchen;
  • Souvenirs for home.

Our clients

Elegia Grand is also engaged in an export of the ceramic products to Poland, Russia, the United States. On the territory of Ukraine we work with big distillery factories such as Petrus - Alco, Zhytomyr distillery, Vinnitsa Distillery, Gorobina.

Today we offer a wide selection of goods and services, and some of them do not even have any competitors in the Ukrainian market. Elegia Grand has its own manufacture of the ceramic products, the range of which is more than 500 types, majority of which are ceramic bottles for bottling the alcoholic beverages.

Note that the range of ceramic products manufactured by our company is not limited by the mentioned list of goods. We design, create and manufacture ceramic products according to the technical specifications of the client. Making your our wishes come true is our job!

Elegia Grand has several priorities in the development, among which an expansion of the range of products and services and development of new technologies. We are responsible for the quality of our own products, that is why we are using only the finest domestic ceramics, bright and rich underglaze paints, gold and silver paints for the decorating, and high-temperature colorless glaze with a high degree of whiteness.

The company has modern equipment for the production of ceramic products, and only highly qualified personnel work here. All the ceramic products by Elegia Grand are made, painted and decorated manually. Ceramic products are eco-friendly and harmless to a human health and the environment, so they can be used as decor and as household items. By purchasing and using ceramic dishes, you care about the environment!