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Ceramic bottles and damasks from the manufacturer - Elegia Grand

At the site "Elegia Grand" you will find ceramic and semi-porcelain handmade products, many of which are exclusive: bottles-figurines, decorative bottles, bottles for  alcoholic beverages, dishes, for both decorative and practical use, and many more.

What are the advantages of ceramic products by "Elegia Grand"?

  • Exclusiveness. According to our own designs and the customer’s ideas we are developing completely new models of bottles.
  • The uniqueness of each product. Each item of pottery is painted manually by the best artists of ceramists, so we can paint the bottle or other product in any color according to your wishes, make an original decoration, put your company logo, and write any text or image-wish. With a large number of copies, all products will look similar to each other, but have individual characteristics, caused by handmade process.
  • Eco-friendliness. All the products in our range are made of ecologically pure and natural clay. We guarantee the quality of our products, that’s why the content of the raw material doesn’t include any contaminants (including melamine). Our products and souvenirs made of ceramics are 100% safe for human health and life.
  • Ease of use. All products are burnt at a high-temperature and covered with a protective layer of glossy glaze, so our dishes can be washed in dishwashers, even at hot temperatures, used in the ovens or microwaves, put into the fridges.
  • Aesthetics. All the products of our production are beautiful painted ceramic bottles with their history and positive energy. Any bottle, figurine or dish can become an indispensable thing in life and become a full part of your home‘s interior. We put our hearts in each product, that’s why each item is full of comfort, warmth and well-being.
  • Reasonable prices. You can find gifts, souvenirs and ceramics at affordable prices at our website. You can buy utensils, decorative items or gifts for comfortable and cozy life in a house, apartment, cottage or office at a small price.
  • Wholesale prices. You can purchase all the presented items both wholesale and at retail.
  • The mass circulation. If you need a large number of gifts or souvenirs (for example, corporate gifts or business gifts), you can order the mass circulation of items. This will save you money and time. You can put your company’s logo at a bottle and such a gift will become memorable and unique.
  • Individual order. For each client we have a special approach. Our ceramic artists will help you realize your most unusual ideas, inviting you to create a new model of the bottle and develop its new design. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result of our collaboration!

Ceramic bottles, souvenir bottles-figurines and ceramic dishes are great and original gifts for any occasion, for women and men. For the convenience of choosing a gift for a particular holiday we have developed several collections: Christmas, national, professional, historical, and others.

It is remarkable that in our online store, you can find and buy products and souvenirs made of ceramics, of various price brackets - from inexpensive, but elegant in its simplicity souvenirs to expensive, exclusive bottles, figurines and their compositions.

We offer a huge range of ceramic bottles for alcoholic drinks of various styles and colors. Each product by ‘Elegia Grand’ looks great either alone or in combination with other ceramic or semi-ceramic products.

The product range in the online store ‘Elegia Grand’ is constantly expanding; here you will find items for every taste. We will be happy to fulfill all your needs and wishes; will give you a large selection of exclusive gifts and souvenirs made of ceramics. You can purchase all products displayed on the website both wholesale and retail.

The company Elegia Grand has been producing and selling ceramic bottles, figurines, souvenirs, utensils and other items for 15 years. During this time, the quality of our products has increased several times, and we continue improving it each year. All products are made exclusively by hand from the finest materials, and then painted and decorated with the most experienced artists in ceramics.

We strive to meet all the needs of the customer, to add flavor to the interior decor of the apartment, give joy, warmth and comfort to every home and every person who becomes the owner of our products.

We are very pleased to carry into the world beauty and pleasure giving and receiving enjoyment from cooperation with those who know it!

We wish you a great time, choosing gifts, the online store Elegia Grand, good shopping and good mood!

Online shop of pottery and souvenirs "Elegia Grand" is made for true connoisseurs of beauty, modern vision of the art decor in general and individual things in particular.